The Hunts

hunter with trophy black bear
client with trophy whitetail
man on horseback riding through mountains
Our black bear hunt in northern Saskatchewan is second to none. With miles of ridges, lakes and swamps, combined with years of no hunting pressure, this area holds a very healthy population of mature black bear. All of our hunts are over baits and hunted from a combination of tree stands and ground blinds. These northern bears have virtually never seen people and because of this have not been educated, making this area an archery hunters dream. You will see multiple bear on your hunt and have great success whether you choose to hunt with a bow, muzzleloader, or rifle.
Located right where the forest meets the ag land, our whitetail hunt takes you to the fring-land of north western Saskatchewan. In these fring-land timbers are pockets of deer that have been left to grow and mature to their full potential. They have the benefit of the farmland food sources to help them develop as well as the heavy bush to take cover, these are the deer that we are looking to hunt. Your early morning begins at the lodge where you will wake up to a hot breakfast, pack your gear and lunch into your day pack and make the trip on atv to your blind. Once in the blind, All of that waiting and patience pays off when you see a buck walk into your sights and make that perfect shot. 
Looking to expand your hunting adventure into the mountains?Folding Mountain Outfitters is a great place to start. In the past 5 years i have had the opportunity and privilege of working with, and learning from one of the best outfitters and group of  guides in western Canada. Owner/operator Blair Miller and his crew are true professionals in the industry. Located in the game rich northern Rockies of British Columbia, this 3000 sq/ mile area is home to a variety of big game. If your looking to hunt Stone's sheep, mountain goat, moose, caribou, elk, or grizzly bear this area has it all. All hunts are done on horseback or backpacking and take you through the remote back country of British Columbia, where you will camp and experience real Canadian wilderness.  For more info and pricing contact myself through this website or CLICK BELOW to get a hold of Blair Miller at Folding Mountain Outfitters